Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson Intellectual Property Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the history of the firm?

A: The firm was founded in 1993 and quickly grew to a respected group of young, motivated lawyers. By the mid-1990s, we were one of the few firms trusted to develop patent portfolios in software and network technology, and we worked closely with industry pioneers such as Apple, Cisco, and Sun Microsystems. As we grew over the next two decades, many elite research institutions and leading companies in essentially all technology areas—from protein design to satellite propulsion, and from biometric signal processing to CRM systems—retained us for strategic intellectual property counseling and to develop key portions of their patent portfolios. Many of these institutions and companies have partnered with us for over a decade.

Q: What are WAVS IP’s areas of technical expertise?

A: See our technical expertise section.

Q: What are WAVS IP’s services?

A: See our services section.

Q: Does the firm have the ability to respond to our needs as a large company?

A: We have extensive experience working with large companies and their unique needs, including integration with back-end systems, adjusting our practices through accounting, docketing, e-billing, and other process requirements. We excel at protecting your important new technologies, no matter how much IP those technologies warrant. We also can deploy one attorney, two attorneys, or a team, as needed, to take on any size IP project.

Q: Does the firm have expertise to counsel me as a startup?

A: Having a credible and well-prepared IP portfolio is instrumental in the success of most start-ups. WAVS IP has worked on both sides of the investment equation - with start-ups, to help them develop and present their IP portfolio in a credible, thoughtful way, and also with VC’s, acquiring companies, and investor groups to analyze the value or market potential of a start-up’s IP assets. Either way, there are many questions we can help answer, including how to differentiate from competitors, what competitor technologies may pose a threat, what options may be available via licensing and acquisition, and/or how to value and protect IP assets for further growth.

Q: Does the firm have expertise in the latest IP tools & trends?

A: WAVS IP is constantly tracking, discussing, and exchanging new ideas in the ever-changing realm of patent law. This includes weekly reviews of the latest case law, ongoing involvement in the leading IP law associations, and using the latest tools and technologies to deliver the very latest and most exhaustive patent related information. At any time, we can research the latest trends and topics around the globe so that our clients benefit from the newest developments.

Q: How does WAVS IP handle potential conflicts of interest?

A: We strongly adhere to the principle that it’s simply good business to not take on representation where there is a risk of conflict.

Q: How many people are in the firm?

A: 25 patent attorneys and 30 staff.