Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson Intellectual Property Law

Our Clients

We have extensive experience in working with a wide range of organizations and can make sure you get the type of counsel you need, all within your timeframe and budget.

Small Companies

Having a credible and well-prepared IP portfolio is instrumental in the success of most start-ups. WAVS IP has worked on both sides of the investment equation – with start-ups, to help them develop and present their IP portfolio in a credible, thoughtful way, and also with VC’s, acquiring companies, and investor groups to analyze the value or market potential of a start-up's IP assets.

Either way, there are many questions we can help answer, including how to differentiate from competitors, what competitor technologies may pose a threat, what options may be available via licensing and acquisition, and/or how to value and protect IP assets for further growth.

Medium Companies

Established, mid-size companies have a need for a wide array of IP services and counseling including patent, trademark, licensing and litigation. These companies turn to WAVS IP for our overall IP expertise and results-oriented strategy.

In our role as counselors, we advise CEOs, CTOs and executive management on strategic, budgetary and day-to-day business issues. Whether you are positioning a company for sale or planning future growth, we act quickly and responsively to help you meet your short and long-term goals.

Large Corporations

We have extensive experience working with large companies and their unique needs, including integration with back-end systems, adjusting our practices through accounting, docketing, e-billing, and other process requirements. We excel at protecting your important new technologies, no matter how much IP those technologies warrant.

We also can deploy one practitioner, two practitioners, or a team, as needed, to take on any size IP project. We pride ourselves on many long-term successful relationships with large companies.

Universities & Foundations

WAVS IP multi-disciplinary teams of practitioners understand the nature of technology and research. We provide services such as worldwide patent, trademark and copyright procurement, technology licensing, and diligence for various business transactions.

We help colleges and universities protect their inspiring and innovative research. We have experience partnering with these collaborative environments. We partner with universities to help them define balanced and well-reasoned policies over a broad range of intellectual property assets.

In addition to protecting cutting-edge inventions, we counsel research and education institutions regarding licensing of their intellectual property in a wide variety of technologies and contexts. We can work also with educational institutions to facilitate successful commercialization of their technology by assisting in the spin out of new companies while protecting the institutions’ long-term interests.