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Invalidity and Noninfringement Opinions

Infringement issues can often be resolved in our clients’ favor. Secure a fast and knowledgeable opinion or filing regarding infringement issues that you or your organization may be facing.

  • Infringement and invalidity analyses
  • Detailed written opinions regarding validity and infringement for use in defensive and offensive litigation positions
  • Evaluate design-arounds and licensing strategies
  • Back opinions in depositions and other testimony concerning enhanced damages

Your Invalidity and Noninfringement Opinions team

Ko-Fang Chang, Partner
Sheila Martinez-Lemke, Partner
Scott L. McMillan, Partner
Roger S. Sampson,Partner
Barmak Sani, Partner
Michael Tse, Partner
Joseph M. Villeneuve, Partner
Jeffrey K. Weaver, Partner
Michael L. Day, Of Counsel
Jay Fu, Of Counsel
Emily M. Haliday, Of Counsel
Tom Hunter, Of Counsel
Emily M. Haliday, Of Counsel
Ji (Alex) Lei, Of Counsel
Helen S. Baca, Associate
Harold Guo, Associate