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IP Portfolio Development

Whether you’re starting down the path of generating an IP portfolio or wanting to shape the one you have, there are a number of actions we can take to help you protect and grow your IP assets. Our IP portfolio development services include:

  • Patent procurement
  • Trademark protection
  • Trade secret/copyright management
  • Development and maintenance of complex patent families
  • Mining inventions from multifaceted products and R&D projects
  • Coordination of international and US patent prosecution
  • University and National Laboratory technology transfer
  • Associations with reliable and cost effective foreign IP expert firms
  • Management of Opposition proceedings
  • Experience with USPTO programs such as those for expedited prosecution, early examiner interviews, and the Patent Prosecution Highway
  • Interference counseling and coordination with litigation and specialist counsel

Your IP Portfolio Development team

James E. Austin, Partner
Denise Bergin, Partner
Ko-Fang Chang, Partner
John F. Griffith, Partner
Sheila Martinez-Lemke, Partner
Scott L. McMillan, Partner
Roger S. Sampson, Partner
Babak S. Sani, Partner
Barmak Sani, Partner
Christian D. Scholz, Partner
Patricia Tsai, Partner
Michael Tse, Partner
Joseph M. Villeneuve, Partner
Jeffrey K. Weaver, Partner
Michael L. Day, Of Counsel
Jay Fu, Of Counsel
Emily M. Haliday, Of Counsel
Ji (Alex) Lei, Of Counsel
Helen S. Baca, Associate
Michael T. Ho, Associate
Amanda Kesich, Associate
Anna Gavrilova, Patent Agent