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Gerald Suh

Gerald Suh
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Prior to joining WAVSIP, Gerald Suh worked as in-house counsel for over 18 years at both multi-national corporations and startups. Dr. Suh was previously in private practice in Chicago. Through his experience as in-house counsel and outside counsel, Dr. Suh brings a solid understanding of how to build IP portfolios that serves the business and legal needs of the patent holder

Most recently as the Vice President of Intellectual Property at Solazyme, Inc. (now Corbion Biotech, Inc.), Dr. Suh was responsible for developing and managing Corbion’s intellectual property portfolio. Under his direction, Corbion was successful in obtaining hundreds of U.S. and international patents. Dr. Suh also managed the other intellectual assets of the company, including the trademark portfolios of consumer packaged goods. Dr. Suh worked closely with Solazymes’s marketing teams for the successful launches of the premium Algenist® brand of skin care products, Thrive® brand culinary algae oil and AlgaVia® brand food ingredients. After the brands were launched, Dr. Suh worked closely with the commercial teams to monitor and enforce the brand’s trademarks, including enforcement actions against the sales of unauthorized goods.

During his four years at Novartis (Chiron Corporation), Dr. Suh supported the small molecule, oncology research programs. In addition, he was the IP counsel for Betaseron®, an intereferon used to treat multiple sclerosis, with greater than $1B annual sales. Dr. Suh also was responsible for IP portfolios for small-molecule and large molecule therapeutics for diabetes, dyslipidemia, hepatitis, and lupus at Metabolex (now Cymabay) and Genelabs Technologies.

Dr. Suh’s scientific training includes a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Occidental College, a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign, and post-doctoral research at the Yale University School of Medicine. His Ph.D. research focused on mechanistic enzymology where he studied the chlorinating intermediate of horseradish peroxidase. His post-doctoral fellowship expanded his knowledge base to the field of neurobiology. Dr. Suh cloned and expressed chimeric biogenic amine reuptake transporters to study how anti-depressants and illicit drugs such as cocaine bind to and inhibit the biogenic amine reuptake transporters. He earned his J.D. from DePaul University in Chicago.

Dr. Suh has deep experience in providing strategic advice on the creation and development of thick intellectual property portfolios, due diligences, freedom to operate opinions, landscape analysis, technology evaluation, portfolio review and other related patent, trademark and other intellectual property issues.

Gerald Suh
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  • B.S. in chemistry from Occidental College
  • Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Illinois
  • J.D. from DePaul University

Bar Admissions:

  • California State Bar
  • Illinois State Bar
  • U.S. Patent Bar


  • IP Portfolio Development
  • Patent Portfolio Analysis
  • Invalidity and Infringement/Noninfringement Opinions
  • Business Counseling Relating to Intellectual Property
  • Analysis of Competitor and Target IP
  • Licensing & Other IP Sharing Arrangements

Technical Expertise:

  • Life Sciences
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Small Molecule and Large Molecule Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemistry & Materials