Electronics, Computing, & Software

Software & Internet

There is no industry untouched by the Internet revolution and its numerous innovations. WAVS IP has a long history of helping technology leaders establish and defend their IP in software, Internet technologies, proprietary algorithms and more.


Network technologies are the backbone of many businesses, industries, and institutions. WAVS IP helps you harness the power of your networking IP while remaining agile in response to new market conditions and events.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly vital tool for many businesses, providing a backbone to a number of modern technologies. A variety of important applications of cloud computing are being developed by clients of WAVS IP in a diverse array of fields, ranging from social networking to medicine. The following list offers several examples:

WAVS IP practitioners have the extensive expertise required to tackle the unique legal, technical, and business challenges presented in drafting patent applications relating to cloud computing. WAVS IP practitioners also have the specialized legal skill to carefully address infringement and detectability issues raised in the context of preparing and prosecuting cloud computing patents.

Data Storage

We live in an increasingly data-driven world. And storage methods must keep pace with all the new ways we have to share and access data.

Computer & Systems Architecture

We have a deep understanding of computer and system architecture fundamentals, including all of the interrelated elements that contribute to successful IP in this highly competitive field.


We have extensive experience in electronics design, development, research and a wide range of applications.

Semiconductor Technologies

Since our firm's inception, WAVS IP has specialized in helping leading companies in the semiconductor industry protect and profit from their IP. Whether they involve device design, fabrication methods, or programming equipment, our goal is to help you make the most of the innovations in your IP portfolio.