Whether you're starting down the path of generating an IP portfolio or wanting to shape the one you have, there are a number of actions we can take to help you protect and grow your IP assets.

Post-grant proceedings in the U.S. Patent Office are important tools for adjusting IP rights as an alternative to or in conjunction with litigation. WAVS IP can help you challenge or clarify the scope of a patent’s claim in the context of litigation, or to take advantage of changing circumstances or market conditions.

Analyses of competitor and filing target IP is one of many ways to protect your IP assets while maintaining and elevating your company in the market.

WAVS IP provides support to litigation teams, from analysis of proceedings to preparing expert witnesses and trial briefs.

Finding creative ways to license your IP is often the best way to increase value and drive your business forward. In the course of licensing or sharing your IP, you may need assistance in negotiating and drafting a wide range of agreements and conducting specific analysis.

Infringement issues can often be resolved in our clients’ favor. Secure a fast and knowledgeable opinion or filing regarding infringement issues that you or your organization may be facing.