Energy & Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Whether intended to operate in the depths of space or in Earth's atmosphere, the technology demands of manned and unmanned platforms require innovative solutions. WAVS IP has extensive experience with, and a deep understanding of, the technical and business challenges of the competitive aerospace industry. Our areas of expertise include:

Energy Storage Technologies

The need to store electrical energy for use on demand in a variety of applications continues to drive significant innovation. WAVS IP attorneys have worked in electrochemistry research and counseled clients in the battery, capacitor and fuel cell fields for over two decades. Our areas of expertise include:

Signal Processing and Audio Engineering

Signal processing techniques underlie technologies being developed by clients of WAVS IP in a diverse range of applications, including audio engineering, communications technologies, display technologies and sensor technologies. Following are some examples:

Some WAVS IP attorneys have worked with various types of signal processing technologies for over three decades.

Electrochemical Engineering

The innovations made possible by electrochemical engineering, such as BEOL integrated circuit fabrication, precision materials processing techniques, electrochromic devices, high-tech sensors, fuel cells and batteries for mobile devices and automobiles, have created a new world of opportunity. WAVS IP attorneys have extensive technical and legal experience in this area, helping clients build new research into patent portfolios.

Green Energy Technologies/Energy Conservation Systems

As our energy needs – and the desire to minimize our impact on natural resources – continue to grow, new technologies are essential to help us do both. As an industry rich with possibilities, it's equally important that these ideas be thoughtfully guided and protected as they're brought to market. Our areas of expertise include:


Nanotechnology is driving significant changes across numerous industries, from chemistry and science to engineering and manufacturing. Understanding the mechanics is key, and something WAVS IP does well because of the depth and technical knowledge of our staff. But we also understand that the net result has to do with the business, and how to make sure the IP you're creating delivers results and value.


Combining elements of engineering, microtechnology, and chemistry, microfluidics is crucial to a wide realm of modern era tools and analysis, from ink jet printheads to DNA research. WAVS IP has represented a range of academic and industrial entities in protecting their Microfluidic devices and processes.

Mechanical & Medical Devices

Mechanical devices continue to be an important part of our clients' product portfolios, including consumer-wearable devices, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, satellite technology, micro-electromechanical (MEMS) devices, and medical devices. WAVS IP has attorneys with advanced degrees in mechanical engineering and related fields from leading academic institutions.

Analytical Instrumentation

Analytical instrumentation is crucial in moving science, engineering and technology to new levels of innovation. WAVS IP has been involved in portfolio development, opinions of counsel, and target IP analyses of leading analytical tools. Our areas of expertise include: