Life Sciences, Chemistry, & Material Sciences

Neuroscience & Neural Engineering

The feats of the human brain often outperform modern computers. And therein lies the potential to further science and technology through a better understanding of its function and natural algorithms. WAVS IP works closely with scientists, researchers, and universities to ensure these new developments can be protected and built upon.

Chemistry & Materials

Chemistry and material sciences are changing the way people live, work, and interact. WAVS IP is a true leader in protecting and increasing the value of chemistry innovations, with a deep roster of attorneys with advanced degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science from leading universities and research groups.

Our practitioners have extensive experience, including as in-house IP counsel, as patent attorneys and agents, representing leading-edge pharmaceutical companies in all aspects of chemical patent practice.

We represent clients in diverse chemical and materials technologies, including pharmaceuticals, semiconductor processing chemistry, electrochemistry, and biochemical processes including various detection, amplification, and directed evolution processes.

We have particular expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, materials chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science.

Life Sciences

Our clients include both public and private research institutions.

In addition to extensive experience with diagnostics/prognostics and therapeutics, our areas of technical expertise include:

Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

Small Molecules



Diagnostics/prognostics information is essential for making decisions in Health Management and a number of related fields. Bringing these innovations to bear requires a unique combination of technical/industry knowledge and legal acumen to ensure their progress in the market. Our areas of expertise include:


WAVS IP has received accolades for our special expertise in the area of bioinformatics. Specifically, we work with scientists and researchers who are interested in technologies that live at the intersection of computation, biology and chemistry. Areas of particular experience include: